About Fimap

For more than 30 years, Fimap has been designing and manufacturing professional cleaning machines in Italy and exporting them to over 80 countries around the world. The range includes scrubbing machines, sweeping machines, sanitisers, vacuum cleaners, spray-extraction cleaners and single disc machines to meet every type of cleaning need, and all equipped with innovative technological solutions enabling excellent hygiene standards to be reached in a sustainable way. It has always considered professional cleaning from a broad perspective which includes not only the product but also its management, and over the years has developed various projects aimed at transmitting the advantages of cleaning mechanisation.


Fimap Academy is the Fimap training project aimed at all roles in the sector and at all levels - from retailers and service companies to technicians and users - and providing specialised training courses to examine the various aspects of the mechanisation of cleaning.

The Fimap Academy platform offers complete contents that can be used with the maximum flexibility (according to the time you can dedicate) and with the aid of any digital device.

The extensive training catalogue includes courses available 24/7 (that can be accessed at any time), and live virtual classroom courses during which you can interact with the teacher. FimapAcademy is also willing to arrange one-off courses and meet specific needs. For more information, write to: [email protected]

Find the content that's right for you

Retailers are offered an in-depth study of the various Fimap services, so that they can expand their offer and follow their customers more closely. One course is entirely dedicated to consulting, with the aim of providing the basic components to carry out the activity with mastery and competence. A series of meetings allows retailers to adequately train technicians so that assistance is always effective.

For companies, there are worksite management courses, providing the knowledge and tools necessary to implement a process of continuous improvement of results and cost control. Specific training for operators focuses on the use of the machines and technologies, to fine-tune their preparation and raise the level of professionalism

Customers have the opportunity to learn about all Fimap's environmental solutions and how they meet the requisites of the regulations in force. Courses specifically dedicated to regulatory updates are also available, to ensure preparation in line with the continuous evolution of the criteria required. There is the possibility to plan personalised meetings to assist the purchaser in responding to particularly complex tenders.

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